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                                      Learning Center Teachers

                                                             Department Chair:  Tracy Haggerty

                                                                             Amanda Belcher

  Bracole Mills  

                                                                               Jodi Trock

                                                                             Michelle Cook

                                                                               Nancy Robertson

                                            Speech and Language

                                                                                Judy Stamp


                                                Classroom Aides

                                                                                    Bob Templeton

                                                                                          Di Jones

                                                                    Curtis Ackman (Adaptive PE Coach)

                                                                                      Michel Whitehorn


                                                     Special Staff

                                                                     Kevin Williams (Behavior Interventionist)

                                                                                Brittney Khan-Burki (ESL)

A Lauren Brewer (Psyh Examiner)

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                                                                          services, please contact us at

                                                           Central Junior High School at (573) 334-2923 

205 Caruthers Street, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
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