Sports Physical

MSHSAA New Bylaw


Under the new MSHSAA Bylaw, the “Physical Examination” is valid for a two-year period starting on the date of the examination.  Example:  A physical that was received on August 2, 2018 is now valid through August 1, 2020.   Medical History, Student Agreement, Parent Consent, Signature for receipt of Concussion Education, Proof of Insurance and Emergency Contact Information are still annual requirements that the school must secure from the students/parents annually. In the event that a student has a change with their medical history the school is advised to request an updated physical to release them back to participate or secure a written medical release from the student’s attending physician that the school can attach/keep on file with the most recent physical form. 


If your child is participating in any sports this school year, the school must have the completed MSHSAA Sports Physical form on file. The link to the forms can be found below. If your student received a physical examination this past school year, parents/students must submit the rest of the forms in the packet (excluding the examination form).


Click Here > Concussion Packet



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